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Welcome to Restructure, where you can find personalized help to create an organized solution in your home or office. Each client has a unique set of needs for which a tailored solution is created. Organizational solutions are based on the space to be organized, the lifestyle of the client, and the budget available. Whether your needs include more efficient operations in your small business, or effective lasting solutions in your home, there is help to live an organized life.
Pruning leads to Blooming
Hibernation is over and it's time to pick up the pace of this creative organized life. The weather is improving daily. Spring cleaning and pruning of the garden is complete, with vegetables and flowers planted, and Fairy Garden-pots magically gracing the steps into our home. 

Closets have been cleaned out and donations have been made, winter clothes, snow boots and snowsuits have been washed and stored away. The last monster to tackle is the garage.  

With a home-move planned in late summer, and storage in three separate locations, keeping things in order has been very challenging. The move is causing even this organizer tons of stress. However, I am excited at the prospect of decorating and organizing a new abode, having all of our things in one place, hanging our artwork on the walls and re-discovering what has been in storage for six years. What can we re-purpose?  What we can donate?  What can we trash? Springtime is always a refreshing happy time of renewal and change. 

Cool Products/Services
Creating an organized office space made easy with the Urbio™ Magnetic Modular System Components available at
Layout and design is a piece of cake!
Another favorite, also from the Container Store, is Elfa Storage Solutions. The components create organized storage where you thought you had none! Available at, they offer a variety of styles.
Favorite garage finishing company is Cleveland's own Garage Finisher. They deliver serious value through quality workmanship. Click on the photo below to visit their website and view some before and after pictures.

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